Actually Making Those Goals Happen

  • Posted on: 10 June 2019
  • By: TheoryBeyondDesign

First of all, thanks to everyone who showed up to support Theory Beyond Design during the Lexington Makers Market this Saturday. We are two for two on fun-filled mornings spent meeting amazing new people and growing the business! The experience has me reflecting on some personal (and business) goals of mine and that's what this week's blog is all about.

I have really come to dislike the concept of New Year's Resolutions mainly because of my own failures in the past to see them through. But it's not just me. This whole concept has turned into somewhat of a collective joke.

I, for one, have personally complained about how crowded my regular gym is in January, only to console myself with the idea that I only needed to deal with it for a few more weeks as everyone's thirst for personal change dies off (usually my own as well).

It is a bit strange to be discussing New Year's in the middle of June but that is kind of my point. Our resolutions have become dreams that we can drop and simply pick up again next year if we want to. They are disposable and therefore, meaningless.

So why bother?

This year, I decided to alter my viewpoint on resolutions and remove them from the "New Year" timeline. Goals need to have meaning outside of the "resettable" 365-day deadline we set for ourselves. The mantra "This year is going to be the year that I [fill in the blank with YOUR goal]" needed to shift to "This life is the only life I have to [fill in the blank with YOUR goal]."

I turned my resolutions into life goals. My goal to lose weight switched to building a healthier lifestyle for myself. Traveling to a specific destination turned into building a life that opens me up to travel opportunities. I am not just trying to sell at markets this year, I want to build a sustainable side business doing something I really enjoy.

If you notice, I haven't given up on my specific goals. They are still there. But I've now given myself the obligation of making sure that everyday and every decision I make, regardless of the time of year, works towards living a life that automatically includes them.

I strongly believe that this is where the sweet spot for making goals and fulfilling them is.

I posted my goals at the beginning of the year somewhere (too many platforms to keep up with) but I would like to share it again here, with you my dear reader. I like to check in with this list often to make sure I am still working towards the life I want to live. Also, if you have made it this far in the email, I truly thank you for your time and attention.

Here are my life goals.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Travel more often
  • Own a business
  • Financial stability and security
  • Become fluent in a second language

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean I become a vegetarian and start training for a marathon today. Maybe that just means that today I try not to sit at my desk all day. Owning a business doesn't have to mean I quit my full-time job and open up a shop. For me, maybe I add a few listings to my Etsy store or sign up for another market. Everyday that I decide to move towards these goals, they are broken down into micro-goals that I have accomplished. Small successes.

I encourage you all to reconsider any resolutions that you think have failed because I guarantee there is something you can do TODAY, even if it seems incredibly small, to work towards YOUR goals. As long as we are making progress, that is success in my book!

I want to hear about your goals too! Use to this post's comment button to share what you've done to build a life you want!

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Great post! Couldn't agree more on the trouble with resolutions.